Fossil Football league

Rules and regulations:

  1. All players must be registered players of the Fossil Football League.
  2. Registered full-time players can play for any team an unlimited amount of games.
  3. Registered part-time players can play a maximum of 7 outdoor league games, or 9 indoor league games.
    Games played for the registered team, as well as games played for other league teams, count towards the
    player's total number of games played.
  4. If the number of allotted part-time games is surpassed, players are required to pay the balance of fees to
    upgrade their status to full-time.
  5. All fees MUST be paid before your first game. There are no "pay as you play" fee options.
  6. Players are required to register on-line prior to their first game.
  7. All players are expected to wear appropriate soccer apparel. Shinguards are mandatory.
  8. The Fossil Football League is an O40 league, with the exception of players that have registered for our outdoor or indoor programs prior to December 31, 2015, these players will be grandfathered if their age does not meet the minimum requirement.
  9. Players are asked to promote a competitive recreational level of play and casual atmosphere while keeping true to all aspects of the game. This is a non-contact league.
  10. Players are asked to remain fun and friendly at all times. Demonstrate sportsmanship and respect for other players and officials and will continually promote friendship and team spirit, play with integrity, solidarity, tolerance and care.
  11. Each team shall consist of a minimum of 14 Full-time players with unlimited Part-time players.
  12. Gamesheets must be printed from the Bonzi System prior to each game and provided to the game officials. Hand written additional players will not be accepted unless approved by the game official
  13. Players are responsible for maintaining their game attendance on the bonzi system, this will ensure players are eligible to play as they will be on the Gamesheet. This will also keep track of the number of games played by each player. Attendance can not be revised after the start of each game.
  14. Players are asked to maintain league equipment, such as jerseys and ensure all equipment is returned to the league or Team Manager at the completion of each season.
  15. Rules and Regulations are designed by the Board of Directors of the Fossil Football League and only that Body has the right to add, alter or delete any portion of the policies. These Rules apply to all register players and teams of the Fossil Football League.
  16. Additional Covid-19 policies must be followed.
  17. Do not attend events if you are experiencing any influenza or respiratory illness symtoms like cough, runny nose, shortness of breath or sore throat.
  18. Do not attend events if you travelled internationally in the last 14 days.
  19. Do not attend events if you have been exposed to Covid-19 without using propper PPE for protection.
  20. Do not attend events if you have Covid-19.
  21. Practice physical distancing where possible and follow all government guidlines with relation to Covid-19 best practices.
  22. Do not spit on the ground.
  23. Do not spit on gloves if you are goal keeping.
  24. Bring your own ball for warm-up.