Fossil Football league

Team Manager Registration
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    The Fossil Football League
    3402 25 Street NE
    Calgary, Alberta
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    Team Managers

    As a Manager, we request that you support and promote the Fossil Football League's mandates.

    You must promote a competitive recreational level of play, and continually work to create a casual atmosphere while keeping true to all aspects of the game. As well, you must help to enforce the league's non-contact policy.

    It is also your responsibility to remind Players to remain fun and friendly at all times. Demonstrate sportsmanship and respect for other players and officials and will continually promote friendship and team spirit, play with integrity, solidarity, tolerance and care.

    Please encourage your team to enjoy the sport for its own sake!

    As Manager you must also fulfil your role by do the following:

    1. Follow League rules and regulations.

    2. Ensure my team has the minimum required full-time players by actively recruiting if necessary.

    3. Will email and contact players to ensure my team has the proper number of players at each game.

    4. Contact guest players to support my team when my regular players are not available to ensure we have sufficient players at each game.

    5. Keep track of league equipment, like jersey's and ensure all equipment is return to the league at the completion of the season.

    6. Print out game rosters and provide them to game officials at each game, or assign a player to complete this tasks when I am unavailable to attend games.

    7. Ensure that only registered paid players play on my team throughout the season.